Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dreaming in Black and White

Congratulations for finding this blog! Welcome to Florida's Native Orchids. I thought I'd get started by posting a "fine art" black and white treatment of a favorite orchid of mine. This is Pteroglossaspis pottsii, aka Potts' Orchid, found in one small area in Citrus County, FL. As I was editing one of the pictures I took in September of this year, the selection mask for the color range I was editing looked really cool as a standalone black and white treatment. So, I posted it as its own standalone image.

Here is the original:

and here is the image with a black and white treatment...I think it looks a bit like an old Daguerotype photo (sans the sepia tone):

This species was described in early 2007 as a distinct species as compared to Pteroglossaspis ecristata fma purpurea, which it somewhat resembles.

You can read more about this orchid here on my website:

Pteroglossaspis pottsii


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