Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sharing My Photography Techniques in a New Course

Over the years, many have asked how I take my photographs, from equipment I use to techniques I use for taking the photos and processing them.  I have recently partnered with the website Orchids Made Easy at to create an on-line photography master course sharing many of my techniques and tips.  While no one class can be a substitute for hard work and practice, the methods I share can help you hone your skills in the right direction.

In this course, I cover techniques for photographing cultivated orchids in the studio and wild orchids in situ, from lighting to composing the shot to editing the digital photos in a digital editing application (I cover both Photoshop and GIMP).  There are many instructional videos used throughout the course, along with detailed, illustrated examples.  Here is the course outline:

   1: About the Author
   2: Purpose
Lesson 1: Equipment Overview
   1: Introduction
   2: Camera
   3: Lens
   4: Tripod or Camera Stabilization
Lesson 2: Sources of Light
   1: Natural Light
   2: Flash
   3: Constant Light Source
Lesson 3: Photography 101 - Lighting
   1: Three-point Lighting
   2: Key Light
   3: Fill Light
   4: Back Light
   5: Soft vs. Hard Light
Lesson 4: ISO & Exposure
   1: Adjusting Parameters
Lesson 5: Aperture
   1: Aperture Overview: From A-Z
Lesson 6:Composing the Shot
   1: Subject
   2: Backdrop
Lesson 7: Taking the Photos
   1: Getting Started
   2: Bracketing the Exposure
   3: Varying the Lighting Angle
   4: Varying the Camera Position
   5: Focus on the Flowers
   6: Putting it All Together
Lesson 8: Making Your Photos Sing
   1: Why It Matters
   2: Take Your Best Shot
   3: Editing Software Tools
   4: Adjusting Sharpness & Brightness
   5: Adjusting Color
   6: Removing Blemishes
   7: How To Video Lessons
   8: Before & After Comparisons
Lesson 9: Publishing and Printing Photos
   1: Sharing
   2: Printing
Addendum: Shooting Plants in Situ
   1: Finding Wild Orchids
   2: Best Environmental Conditions
   3: Composition
   4: Video Lesson
   1: Parting Thoughts

Through this partnership, Orchids Made Easy is offering my Photography Master Course for $47 US with a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied.  You can sign up for this course at the following link:

Photography Course Sign-up Link

Proceeds from this course go to help fund the Florida Native Orchids website, field trips, photography equipment and the like.  As always, thank you for your support.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Newly Discovered Population of Calopogon multiflorus

Breaking news! 05/07/14

A New County Was Added to the List of Known Florida Counties for the Rare Florida Native Orchid, Calopogon multiflorus.

Prem Subrahmanyam, curator of the Florida Native Orchid website, Facebook page, and blog, was exploring an area of the Apalachicola National Forest on Sunday, May 4, 2014 near Tallahassee, Florida (Leon County). In a recently prescribed burned area, he found a small population (8 individual plants) of the rare orchid species, Calopogon multiflorus, commonly known as the Many-flowered Grass Pink. This species was recently upgraded from endangered to threatened with the latest guidance released by the Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Appropriate officials have been contacted to let them know about this newly discovered population.  The previously closest known population to this location was 30 miles away in Liberty County, Florida.

The gallery page for this species on the Florida Native Orchid page has been updated with a new photograph taken of a member of this population, along with an updated map. Those can be viewed at the following link:

This brings to four the number of species that Prem Subrahmanyam has been the first to discover growing in Leon County, Florida. Previous first discoveries were Platanthera flava, Platanthera ciliaris, and Zeuxine strateumatica.
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